Wednesday, January 7, 2009


My older brother told me last night that my childhood best friend had found him on Facebook.

In case you were wondering, ladies and gentleman, THAT is what it takes for me to finally join the Facebook revolution.

Emily and I grew up around the block from each other. Our birthdays are 11 days apart and they're both in the summer so neither of us ever had the "bring a treat to school day". Our brothers were similar ages and the entire clan of us spent long summer days running around in the fields around our houses in the tiny, little 8-block square farming community where we lived.

We went to church together. We were in nearly all the same classes in elementary school (which isn't hard to do when there are only 50 kids your age). We dealt with the same bullies. We walked to and from school together every day for years and years. We were both tall and it was awesome to be "the tall girls" together.

And then on my 16th birthday we moved. We didn't leave the state, but we were far enough away that we couldn't talk to each other much. For you younger readers, back in MY day we didn't have cell phones, or text messaging or email. I'm not even sure if the word "unlimited" had been created when I was a kid. We had something nefarious called "LONG DISTANCE" and it was expensive.

When Emily got engaged our first year of college, we went dress shopping together and picked out the perfect dress.

We mostly lost touch with each other after that. But still, when I got married 6 years or so later, she let me wear the dress we'd picked out together. I still think it's the perfect dress. Except for that flower thingy at the waist. I don't think either of us were too keen about that.
And so, Em-ha-hee... I'm glad to find you again. It's interesting that neither of us have ever been able to have children and that we're both career women. Neither of those things were in the plans we made as little girls. But you're healthy and happy and I'm glad to find you again!

And thanks again for letting me borrow the dress.


Lacy said...

I had to look twicw to see who was standing by you. I haven't see Brent so young. J/K Brent i think it is the hair.

pmeuze said...

Facebook, that's the thing I was telling you about with all the invites... now you too? Maybe I will have to just go for it. So happy you found a dear friend. I doubt it will be your last one. ~ Mare

mlg said...

Wow Brent you look so young with hair! And Lori you look beautiful!

The Brown's said...

Look at how well you to age!!! IMPRESSIVE I am glad you found your BFF! You can never have enough friends

The Brown's said...

P.s. I actually like Brent with no hair:O)

Emily said...

Aah, you almost made me cry! I'm glad you hopped on the facebook bandwagon so we could reconnect! And you're very welcome for the dress. I had forgotten I lent it to you, but I do remember that you picked it out for me and tried to get me to try it on for and hour or so....20 dresses later I relented just so you would STOP bugging me about it. I guess it's good that you're just as stubborn as I am because it was the perfect dress! Love you!

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