Sunday, September 21, 2008


We met Nichole a couple hours down the highway tonight to load up the "northern Utah" portion of the food donated by Feed My Starving Children. This is the main thing we're trying to get to Haiti with us this time. When something like 3 hurricanes in a row can hit your country and devastate everything and shut off roads, it's very important to have backup food. In addition, these packets contain 1 full day's nutrition for one person. So even if she uses this as their main food source for a while, it will ease some of the financial burden on the orphanage.

Side of the boxes

Truck full of boxes

Shots of the actual pouches. They are filled with a rice/soy protein mixture and have some dehydrated vegetables and added vitamins and minerals.

Having governments add steps to the adoption process and have months of delays doesn't just affect the families waiting back in the States. It makes it hard for Nadia to keep things together. If you figure that the adoption fees she charges are based on what it costs her "on average" to feed and care for a child during the time it takes their adoption paperwork to process, then it gives you an idea of the financial crisis she's in when the average time for adoptions goes from 12 months to 14 months to 18 months to....

As with most things, it is the little ones that suffer the most. Those least able to do anything about the situation.

Now we need to start praying that we can get all this food through customs at the Haiti Airport without any issue. Our kids and our orphanage really need this food.


Perla said...

it is so cool that you headed up this project! awesome!

Pete and Mare said...

What a relief! Were looking forward to meeting up w/you and packing our portion of the food. Thank you for all your efforts!

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