Monday, September 29, 2008

What's In a Name?

I've been called a lot of things in my day... not all of them repeatable in polite company. (Fortunately, I haven't had obscenities yelled at me since my days as a proselyting missionary. Tracting door-to-door in Florida's bone-melting humidity and obscenities! Who could ask for anything more?)

My family is big into nicknames. You know you're loved when they call you something besides your given name. My Poppa still calls me "Lori Ann Sister". My best friends in high school called me "LoriAnntumr"... and if that isn't funny to you, then I can't explain it. If it is funny to you, then you'll recognize why I loved it. And, of course, my sweet KohlBabySweetStars calls me "Lolo".

My younger brother has a ton of nicknames. He was the baby of the family, and was well loved, so he had all the rest of us to christen him with terms of endearment. Cabaz-eo, Cabey-Baby, and who can forget the famous "Sugwy-Bubwy". While he WISHES we would all forget that one, he was just too darn cute. I may have that one put on his tombstone some day (or write it on the side of his refrigerator box...)

When my older brother was in high school, he was 6'6" and weighed maybe 180 lbs when dripping wet. Everyone called him "Stick", including the teachers. (When he was a senior, and moved to that school as a sophomore, his friends christened me "Sticklet" and it was a name I was proud to be called. I have a pretty cool brother.)

My husband's nickname in high school was "Rosie" (which is a shortened form of our last name). I've always said it takes a big man to be called "Rosie".

So, why all this talk of nicknames?

Our beautiful, gorgeous daughter has a nickname. It actually might be more of a "title". In the orphanage, they call Jessica "The Screamer." She's earned that title and she wears it proudly!

Brent and I were standing there as Nichole was trying to explain to Harry which little girl we thought was supposed to be part of our family. (See story here.) Because Jessica didn't live at the orphanage it was hard for Harry to understand which child we meant. He finally said, "Oh... The Screamer." and Nichole said, "Yes, The Screamer." (we could HEAR the capitalization when they say it. It's a title to be revered and it may have struck a bit of fear into our hearts.)

But that's not the nickname that's bugging Daddy right now. See, Bebe, your Momma's started calling you "Jess". Daddy is not one to say much if something bothers him so if he does bring something up, you'd best listen. Daddy has, therefore, informed Momma that your name is not "Jess". Your name is "dje-zee-ka" (which is the beautiful Creole pronunciation we picked up from Malot.)

I think people grow in to names. And while I truly hope we can keep the "djezeeka" in "Jessica" alive for years to come, I think we'll end up with something that fits us.

Honestly, I think Daddy will call her his princess, his sweetheart, his little girl. And with those terms of endearment, she'll realize she's loved. And he'll realize this is exactly what we've been working toward for so very, very long.

We love you, TheScreamerPrincessSweetheart. We love our Jessica and our Malot.

13 days til we can tell you that again and kiss your cheeks.

Renemen ou, bebes.


Z said...

I can't believe I have to defend my title AGAIN but I'm the ORIGINAL Sweet Stars. The name was given to me back in 2001 by my friend Daniel - way before Kohl was even conceived. I still resent that MY nickname you callously stole and used on someone else - especially if you weren't the person to come up with the nickname in the first place! and that you insisted on still calling him that despite my pain at its being used.

The Brown's said...

That was a really sweet post Lori. I am also a nicknamer:O) I am so excited for you and Brent to see your kids. I hope its the best visit ever!

Perla said...

you keep on screaming, djezz! i remember telling andre to just cry and cry all he wanted. the truth is that in the orphanage a lot of times the squeeky wheels get the grease! i understand that there are more hands at your o than there were at mine for the babies, but when you've got one kid sittin like a nice little zombie and one hollering all day, you usually want to hollerin' to stop and will pick up the kid! so keep on screamin' djez! that is until your mommy and daddy get you. then be nice!

jessica rabbit said...

Personally, I like the name "Jess'. =)

I'm so excited for you guys going down there. I'm counting the days with you! Just of these days they'll be riding on the plane back home with you!

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