Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's a Small World After All

I received a kind letter from an old friend in Holland today. He wanted me to know he was keeping track of our progress via the blog and that the recent hurricanes had brought our situation to mind often.

He said:
"Very strange to care for others because you know that other people have loved ones in that area, while that always will be the case. There always are others that are loved by others although you don't know them. I'm saying we should care for all people equally and no matter if you feel somehow related to them and in any circumstance not only when they're hit terribly by a disaster."

It's always interesting to me to see how small the world has become. For a long time at a previous job I spoke with my coworkers in Singapore, Holland and Ireland on a daily basis and it didn't seem strange at all that we weren't in the same time zone or continent.

Media and the Internet have made us more aware of the happenings around our globe and often we are more aware of what's happening in another country than in the home next to ours. But I wouldn't trade it. Some of my favorite people live in far-flung places. The little girl I was, growing up in a tiny farming community less than 8-blocks square could never have envisioned that I'd have close friends that were physically so far away.

She also had no idea her children were in Haiti.

Silly girl... shows what she knew!

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