Saturday, March 13, 2010

Need Photos?

After I put out my "A.P.B." for Tia, my friend, Scott offered to take some pictures of her and Collin so she could update her online dating profile.

Scott does an excellent job - and he's a great guy.  I'd highly recommend him if you're on the Wasatch Front and need family pictures or have a wedding to do.

He had Tia and Collin come up to Salt Lake one afternoon and took some pictures at the Salt Lake Library.  

You can check out his work here

And now here:

Thank you, Scott!  You did a great job!  I was there, and no how uncharacteristically serious Collin actually was that morning and how little he actually smiled, but you captured some great shots anyway!

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mlg said...

Those are great shots! I can't get over how big all the kids look after just 6 weeks, it is amazing to see the smiles and just how well they are doing. Amazing but not surprising!

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