Sunday, March 14, 2010


Nathan received a package in the mail this week.  

It was from Changlais, a little boy from his orphanage that now lives in North Carolina.  Turns out that Changlais's parents bought some shoes for him before he came home.  When he got home, the shoes were too small.  

They've obviously purchased shoes that fit him now, but Changlais kept trying to put the small pair on. 

I think when you haven't had anything to call your own, ever in your life, it's hard to part with things that are yours, even if they never fit.

Changlais' Mama finally convinced him that the shoes were just too small and would never fit.  Changlais said that he wanted to give them to John Peter then (remember, that's Nathan's Hatiain name).  Melissa said she asked him if he loved John Peter and he said, "Oui!"  (or "Wi" as they spell it in Kreyol)

Thank you, Changlais, for sharing what you have and setting a good example.

We wanted to share some pictures of Nathan in your shoes.  Your Papa was right and they are big on him, but he LOVED them and we'll hang on to them.

It's not every day you get gifts from old friends.


Q said...

That is sure cute! Thanks for sharing.

Bambi and Adam said...

That is so sweet !

Chris said...

Changlais is smiling from ear to ear and doing a happy dance as he looks at these pictures.

Kat - said...

That is so sweet... and as a mother of two boys who outgrow shoes constantly, I assure you... Nathan will grow into those and get lots of use of them all too soon...

My own younger son recently grew into a pair of shoes that his brother seriously only fit in for maybe 4 months (he was in a spurt and flies above the growth charts)... even though it's literally been two years now... his older brother remembered the shoes, why we put them up... and was so excited to get to give his brother that pair... just because they were very cool and they'd had matching shoes for that short time... and my younger son, as he tends to be with all his hand me downs, hand across items he gets from people, but especially his brother... just looked at me and said... I didn't know you kept them! He's more delighted than if I'd taken him to the store for new shoes.

David Lee said...

precious precious!

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