Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Meeting Great Grandpa

My dad is the oldest of 7 children.  I'm the 2nd of his five kids, which also makes me the 2nd of my grandma's 29 grandchildren.

Mr. Nathan is the 36th great grandchild.

I have a big family.

Saturday was Grandpa Keith's 85th birthday.

Nathan got to meet his great grandparents and a lot of aunts, uncles and cousins that have been involved in praying him home the last couple of years.

He was really good for how confusing and overwhelming that group must have been for him.

This picture is with all of Nathan's immediate cousins.  He loves to say "Abbie" and "Rocco".  He's still working on the rest of the family's names.  


Meeting Great Grandpa Keith.
  Say Hello!

Thank you, Chris for taking pictures!


The Brown's said...

Lori I cant tell you how happy I am when I see the HUGE smile on your face:) Being a full time mommy suites you my friend!!!! HE IS ADOREABLE!!!

David and Candice said...

How neat,Family is the best!-Candice

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

You are such an adorable Mommy. I'm lovin' the bangs.
And congrats to Nathan for handling such a big group so well. He is SO loved!

mlg said...

Thanks for the nice comment, it called the earthquake stress diet! Hang in there we love you guys!

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