Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Boatload of Busy

Lots going on...

  • My grandpa passed away on Monday.  Yes, the one that Nathan just met at the beginning of March.  He's had leukemia for a a couple of years and had been having a hard time for awhile.  It's a blessing for him - he's no longer in pain.  I'm very grateful my little man was able to meet him before he left us.

  • Speaking of Mr. Nathan, he's like a billboard for Johnson and Johnson today because he had so many Band-Aids.  Poor kid got 4 immunizations and had was jabbed multiple times before they could get enough blood for his lab work.  They had to send us over to the hospital lab because he just doesn't bleed well (insult to injury).  This time Papa held him down.  I thought at first that would be awesome.  That was until Nathan started screaming, "Mama!  Mama!  All done!  All done!"  My poor little man. 
  • He did do quite a bit of CHARMING on the nurses and the receptionists.  He says, "Whose Your Daddy?" and it's just scrumptious.  They all claimed they wanted to take him home.  (HEY - Go get your own kid!  This one is MINE.  I've waited a LONG TIME for him!!)

  • He's seriously doing wonderfully.  He amazes me sometimes.  He's just wacky and happy and singy and dancy and silly and two and WONDERFUL.  If I was to make up an "internet alias" for him right now, I'd call him "Ma-lum Ma-lum".  I have NO IDEA if it's even a word, but he yells and sings it all the time lately. 

  • He has also invented this game where I give him a kiss and then he pretends to wipe it off and then I pretend to freak out that he's wiping off perfectly good Mama kisses and he LAUGHS and CACKLES and we do it again.   I'll have to see if we can get that one on film to share...

  • Oh, I had another Awesome Mommy Moment plowed over by the El Camino!  Brent called me at work.  He put Nathan on the phone and said, "Nathan, who is that?" 

Nathan said, "It Mama!"

And I said, "I love you, Sweetness"

And he said, "El Camino!"


  • We're excited to see all Nathan's friends from the O next week.  Michelle and family are coming down and so we're having a little shindig for the kiddos to see each other again.  Nathan sees Collin regularly (or "Tollin" as he calls him... "Tollin and Tant TiTi" instead of Collin and Aunt Tia).

  • Is it pathetic that Brent's teaching Nathan how to sing "STINKY BUTT! STINKY BUTT!" when he has a bad diaper and I think it's adorable?  It is pathetic, isn't it.  Give it to me straight.
  • We've got some awesome stuff going on with the non-profit, but I need to wait for the Public Relations Director (Brent) to finish up the press-release before I update all y'all.  AWESOME, I tell you.


David and Candice said...

I am so sorry about your Grandpa,But I am glad you will have pics of Nathan and him together.
Glad to hear all your fun times with Nathan and can not wait to see ya next week:)-Candice

Mrs.Spy said...

When my kids were in diapers, while we changed them we'd put the clean diaper on their heads and taught them it was their "butt hat."
I also taught all of my nieces and nephews this as well.
Nathan is next.......

Q said...

You are all too funny! So glad to hear things are going well, way to jump right into the mommy thing. Looking forward to the update. :)

mlg said...

Scott is teaching the girls all kinds of "bad" words around here it is going to come back around and bit him in the butt!

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