Thursday, March 4, 2010


So my siblings and I have this on-going game where we watch for things that people say in conversation or in print that would make good band names or album names.

My friend, Lance says it's a hobby.

Yeah... I'm that lame, I guess.  I'll admit it... It's kind of a hobby.

So today Friend Lance emails me and says, "Ladybug Holocaust:  Best Band Name EVER" and it had a link to this information posted to craigslist in New York back in December:

1500 live ladybugs, accidently bought while drunk, feels bad.

Date: 2009-12-05, 3:34PM EST

So, after consuming pot brownies and getting a little too drunk on thanksgiving a friend and i decided to buy 1500 live ladybugs from amazon, which was a great idea until they came in the mail. Now they're sitting on my windowsill and I have nothing to really do with them. If i set them free they'll die in this weather, if I leave them on my windowsill they'll die.

So, if you have a greenhouse or some kind of animals to feed them to it'd be awesome. I don't want to ruin 1500 lives.

How right you are, my friend... "Ladybug Holocaust" IS the best band name EVER!


Lance said...

Whoohoo! My 15 minutes of fame has officially started!

Maggie said...

Awesome name....thanks, Lance!

(15 minutes done)

R AND R AND Z said...

that is funny me and R alway do that Best band name ever LOL

Q said...

Funny story!

leadatortilla said...

LOL!!! Seriously - that's HILARIOUS!

Nikki said...

OH SO FUNNY!!! I should not have read this so late at night. I'm trying not to wake the children with my laughing. That is hilarious-- both the game you play and the actual incident.

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