Thursday, February 18, 2010

Putting out an A.P.B....

I'm looking for a tall, handsome, single, 30-something, active LDS man.

No, silly... not for me.

For my friend, Tia.

She's one of my heroes for a hundred reasons, but most recently because she followed the promptings of the Spirit and moved forward with adopting a beautiful child from Haiti, all on her own.

That's right, she comes with a built-in Collin:

I want her to be happy forever and right now, she feels like she needs to find "Mr. Right" so her family can be complete.

So if you've seen him.... Mr. Right, that is... please send him over.

I have a friend I want him to meet.


Best of the Best said...

I have someone in mind for Tia, my brother. He's on the road alot being a free lance photographer. He is awesome with kids and they love him. If they got together they would truly be an international family. -Luana

Tia said...

Haven't we talked about you NOT using the computer after you take ambien??? :) You're sweet. Thanks for thinking of me!

Noelle said...

Ha ha! I'm looking for the same thing for her!

Nathan is adorable Lori!

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