Saturday, March 6, 2010

Random Stuff and More Stuff

Nathan has many personalities.

Not like the "voices in his head" kind of personalities.

However, I am convinced that he may have been a very vocal Italian grandmother in a past life.  He does this thing where he starts yelling the same phrases at the dogs over and over again -  at the top of his lungs - while wildly gesturing with both hands.  And he does it for fun.  It could be Italian.  I wouldn't know.

He also has a future as a flight attendant.  He likes to say, "bye bye".  But yesterday, he started sing-songing it so that now he sounds like the SNL sketch flight attendant. "Ba-Beye"

He's terribly snuggly.  As a mama who waited over a decade for this, that's just a horrible thing.  Just horrible.  :)

He might possibly be addicted to Gogurt.  I'm convinced it has baby crack in it.  It's completely unnatural how much he loves that stuff.  The child can POUND Gogurt. At least it has vitamins.  And he won't drink milk, so the calcium has to come from somewhere (cause heaven knows I don't serve dark green, leafy vegetables).

He has a kissing problem.  He LOVES to kiss.  OK... I'll be honest.  He kinda likes "make out" with the dogs.  I don't think we'll need to take him to the dentist because Divot and Bobby Jones have the whole "teeth cleaning" thing covered for him.
Seriously, though... it's kind of a problem.  He chases the dogs around the house yelling, "Bijou!  Bijou!" (which is like "Kiss me!  Kiss me! in Kreyol) and if he can catch them, he holds their heads while they like every inch of his face (but mostly the "mouth-al" region).  

Brent says we should be more worried about Divot catching something from Nathan, since Nathan's the one with all the parasites. I find myself saying what Lila's daughter would say when I see it:  "That nasty!"

He has the most kissable lips.  He likes to kiss people.  A bit too much.  It's all family so it's not like he's kissing strangers.   But he kisses for an abnormally long time.  He does it with his eyes open and he stares at your eyeballs, and blinks.  It lasts several seconds.  I mean, it's definitely too long if you speak full sentences (like "OK, sweetie.  Thank you for the kiss.  That's enough.  Thank you.") all while he's smooshing your lips with his.  It's awkward, but adorable.  I might be biased. 

He kisses so much that I have had to invent a game I call, "No Kisses!" where I yell, "No!  It's too many kisses!  No Kisses!" and run away from him and then he chases me.  (mothers get desperate sometimes). 

Seriously... have you seen these lips??

I have a feeling that with those kissable lips, and his natural tendency to "overkiss" I'll be called to the principal's office more than once in my future. 

He's getting healthier.  He still weighs about 23-24 lbs.  He's been that weight since at least October when we weighed him on that trip.  We're trying to get all the bugs cleaned up so he can start eating for one.  His belly seems to be flattening though, which is a good sign, and his face and arms are filling out. 
I joke that he can throw a temper tantrum in 2 languages.  He's definitely TWO.  All the way through.  But we've waited a long time for these tantrums and THEY ...   ARE  ...    AWESOME!  So worth it!


Bambi and Adam said...

He is too cute !!! Vania is weighing in around 23lbs also . Depending if you weigh her in the morning or night. She tends to ignore the dog. Vice versa so no licking here :) I love that picture of Nathan & the dog !They are sooo cute !

mlg said...

Avrie does those same kisses, except not with the dog, that is nasty!! I feel like she is trying to make out with me with her open mouth trying to find mine, but ya gotta love 2 year olds tantrums and all!

Me said...

I'm so glad your snuggly, kissable, little guy is home. He is such a looker! Adorable. And yes, the dogs, that nasty!


jessica rabbit said...

I am so happy you get to be a mommy! You SO deserve it!! I'm so stinkin happy for you guys I can't stand it! =)

David and Candice said...

I am glad our kids are not the only ones Kissing the dogs way to much:) except Fabrice No way.
I am so glad you get to have 2 year old fit's!
He is such a Handsome little man.-Candice

Q said...

I just have to say good luck in the future, because, yes, you may be called to the principal's office and get some phone calls from a few mothers around the neighborhood as well! He's such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Okay, Aunt Trudi is going to have to go buy some Costco sized mouthwash for that little man! Eww! It's a good thing he's so darned cute!

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