Friday, March 19, 2010


We took Nathan to the local Cabela's last weekend.

If you've never been to a Cabela's they have a large number of taxidermied animals on display.

My sweet Haitian son, who has never seen anything besides dogs and cats, thought everything was a puppy.

The polar bear.  The lion.  Even the zebra.  All "puppies!"

He liked it though.  He had a good time.  


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

So many fun firsts for him!

Adam said...

That's funny! Bambi and I took Vania to the Miami Metro Zoo the weekend they arrived in the U.S. because we had plenty of time to kill. She was not the least bit interested in any of the animals. I couldn't believe it! She was fascinated by riding in the stroller though! Pretty funny!

Teri said...

How cute! Hogle Zoo should be pretty fun for him. Lots of 'puppies' there!

corilee said...

Take that baby to the zoo! That is soo cute! It looks like you're all adjusting well.

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