Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thank You to Geralynn and the boys!

My mommy blogger friend, Geralynn, who lives in North Dakota and has adopted children herself (two of hers are beautiful sons from Haiti) sent a toy in the mail to Nathan.  It an awesome set of wooden trucks that can also be put together like puzzles.  The perfect size for little sweet chubby two year old fingers.  He LOVES his new Machins!
He's figured out they will stack different ways and that they can all make the "VROOM" sound he loves so much.  My mom-in-law stopped by that afternoon with her 3 childhood girlfriends.  She wanted them to meet her newest grandson and of course, Nathan had to show them all the parts of all the Machins.  It was quite cute... this little man holding up part after part and saying, "Machin!" and these sweet grandmas just thinking it was wonderful. 
Thank you, thank you for your thoughtfulness.  He LOVES the trucks!

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geralyn said...

If I had known how much he loves El Camino's I would have sent that instead!!! :)

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