Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's in A Name

There is a reason Nathan is named after Nate.  Not only is he Brent's best friend, but he and Al take care of us in so many ways.

Last night, Mr. Nathan slept the whole night in his very own bed.  YEAH!

He also peed like a race horse.  The diaper gave up the ghost and drowned.  Thank heavens Aunt Al had the foresight to put plastic sheets on his bed when she got everything ready for Mr. Nathan while Mama was running Haiti Ground Control.

Yesterday, we took Mr. Nathan to the doctor for his very first appointment.  He was poked and prodded and forced against his will to give a blood sample.  The poor kid could barely bleed enough for the vial to be happy.  Insult to injury, I'd say.  He can't even bleed well!

Mama and Papa got some work done on their computers and then Papa went to lay down.  When he woke up a few hours later, he was running a 102 fever, coughing and puking and could barely stand up.  

This isn't one of those situations where I can just have a neighbor take the kids while I run him to the hospital.  Not because I don't love my neighbors - I do!  They've been wonderful.  But Nathan isn't ready to be left alone with strangers for ANY reason.

Call in the backup forces and Nate took Papa to the ER for me.  They found he has fluid in his lungs on top of the infection and swelling... and DIRT.  So they ran a bunch of stuff through him and got him treated up right and Uncle Nate brought him back home.  Aunt Al stayed and kept Mama company while she did some paperwork and worried about Papa.

It's like that song... "winter, spring, summer or fall all you've got to do is call...."

Nate and Al take care of us. They're good people.  They help us to be better people.  They're some of our heros.

And THAT is why Mr. Nathan is named after his Uncle Nate.


Maggie said...

There is comfort in knowing your children are cared about and for by awesome friends.
Thank you, Nate and Alicen.

And, way to go Nathan for sleeping all night! In your own bed! Sounds like you need overnight diapers!

Our Family said...

Yay for Nate and Al, you totally rock. Lori, I'm glad you have such awesome friends who look after your cute family. Hope Brent feels better soon.

The Brown's said...

I feel so bad Brent has been so sick! I hope that he feels better soon! The Lord blesses us through others. I truly believe that good friends are a gift from God.

David and Candice said...

I hope Brent gets feeling better soon,plus I hope Nate learns how to bleed lol Kaleb has that problem and he has a standing order at the riverton Hospital lab because his dotors office will not draw his blood because he is so hard to get blood from. Great friends are the Best!!

leadatortilla said...

I'm so glad that Nate and Al are those friends for you! And Nathan is lucky to have such a special name with significant meaning. It'll mean a lot to him too!

Perla said...

so sorry to hear about what brent is going through but i, too, find it pretty cool that he actually has haiti dirt in his lungs. how does he get it out? just eventually coughs it out? love you guy!

mlg said...

Sorry Brent I hope you get ALL of Haiti out of your lungs it only belongs in your heart!

The Bergstedt's said...

Our kids did not bleed enough either and wet through the diapers each night. This too shall pass, after a little time and a lot'a love. Congratulations!

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