Friday, February 5, 2010

Team Hope Blog

Seriously, my life is crazy.

Sometimes I think Brent and I should change our names to something more soap opera-y like..."Rolando"....and "Patrice".  Then all we need is an evil twin returning from the dead and someone to get amnesia and I think we're GOLD.  

Who needs a team of writers when you just have my life??

Like, honestly... one of the funniest moments of the last few weeks - I had several of the parents who had come into Utah because this was before the CBP in Miami went all FREAKAZIOD on us and announced that they were in charge.  Every government agency from ALL LEVELS that we'd talked to was totally on board with getting these kids to Utah.... but goodness, this isn't about all the government craziness.  I'm telling you the funny story.  And I will now put it in italics:

So there I am, working at my desk in my office that became known as "Ground Control".  One of the families brought their daughter as this daughter and the daughter they were adopting from Haiti are the only children in that family, so obviously it's a big deal for little Miss A to meet her "sissy".  

Miss A is playing under my desk with my dogs (who she just loves by the way) and they're just quietly doing their thing.  Meanwhile, I'm on phone call after phone call with different government agencies.

Miss A figures out that this one particular toy is Divot's favorite.  We call it "SqueekyBallWithLegs".  Divot might possibly have a bit of OCD where SqueekyBallWithLegs is concerned.  I can hear her under the desk trying to tempt the dogs with such awesome phrases as "Come get the juicy ball"  or "Here's your juice toy...come get it" and I'm laughing to myself at why "juicy" came into play with this rubber dog toy.  It's just Miss A's word of the day, I guess. 

Time passes, I'm still on calls with govt agencies and Miss A and the dogs are getting a bit more excited in their play.

Let's just say right about the time I can hear Miss A repeatedly yelling, "Come get the juicy toy out of my pants" (cause she'd tucked the ball into the back of her leggings) I start to wonder if the government people can hear whats going on behind me and if this might possibly have a negative impact on my ability to get custody of children.  

BUT SERIOUSLY... how funny is that???

Honestly people... I don't make this stuff up.  My life is where Haitian orphans and juicy balls collide.

Anyway, to try to consolidate the adventure of the last few weeks, we've put up another blog for Team Hope.  It's at

We're gathering stories and articles and interviews from all the families involved and we're posting them together.  

The topmost entry is called "Love Notes for Team Hope".  If you'd like to share your thoughts as you've watched this drama unfold, please leave us a note there. 

If you have an idea for something that should be added, you're welcome to contact us at hopeforlittleangelsofhaiti at gmail dot com.  Just put "Team Hope" in the subject line so we'll know it's about the Team Hope blog.

Who knows... maybe we'll it and make a book.  And we'll include the love notes so that these children can see exactly how many people prayed them home.

The best non-soap opera-y part of my life?  That every day now, when I wake up... I'm still a mom.  And he's still snuggled in right beside me in bed.  And if I roll too far away, even in his sleep he'll reach out his hand to make sure he can find me.  

Someone else will have to get amnesia because this is stuff I don't want to forget!


Jill Buttt said...

I'm thankful that you have your little guy there with you. Thank you for all that you did to help bring these kids home. We continue to pray for Jess.
We saw Scott and Michelle on Monday, Scott shared some of his experiences and they really touched us. We look forward to hearing more of team hopes adventures.
Enjoy those hugs and kisses. Congratulation on becoming parents.


Bambi and Adam said...

I am laughing out Loud ! That is sooo funny. Super excited about the Team Hope Blog !!!!

Chaoyi said...

ENJOY BEING A MOM! It's made up of all the best things in life.

Rachael said...

Wait, wait!! Want to hear all about the government craziness as well! Please post when you find the energy. I feel like I only got a sliver of the picture and so badly want to hear more stories! :)

Teri said...

Love the 'juicy ball in my pants' story!! My kids are wondering why I'm giggling so hard.

So happy for you all!! Little Nathan is one lucky boy!

Marilyn said...

What a wonderful blessing to have your little boy home now.

Ritsumei said...

My boy does that too, and it's precious to me, even without a US-Haitian Government Nightmare. I can only imagine what it means to you!

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