Saturday, February 20, 2010

Email History: Work Check-in

I've been updating the Team Hope site with many of the email notifications that were part of this miracle and that fill in the gaps in the story.  I thought I'd post some here as well.

This is one that I sent to my fabulous employer on January 25th.  (and I really do mean that - I work for a great company!)

So, I feel like I need to check in with work...

I really appreciate that you've given me the leeway to focus on this mess in Haiti.  The client has been wonderfully supportive and the team has really been awesome.  I really hope I still have a job when this is done.  Thank you for your patience with this literal disaster.

I have to tell you I have used all my best project manager skills in this last week.  I've coordinated with senators, congressmen, Homeland Security, embassies, and 30 families.  We're trying to get 70 children home.  And it's been a 20 hour a day job for a week now.  And I've found that parents are just like clients and that some of these families aren't happy no matter what gets pulled together for them.  Some things are apparently universal.

On Saturday, I got some "scope creep".  They called and said the plane they thought they had wasn't going to line up with the paperwork being finished at the embassy.  We dealt with that. We got a plane (I say "we" because it's been me and the Lord PM'ing this one).

And then today, the Haitian government decided to have a temper tantrum like a Sunbeam on steroids, and now they won't give us the paperwork that has been approved.  And I find that I can't PM my way out of this one. 

I'm trying to be positive (although still sarcastic) and believe that somehow this is still going to work out.  Maybe that's why the plane we wanted for a Tuesday departure came through as a Thursday departure.

Maybe we needed these 2 extra days to get Haiti to calm down and give us the documents and for us to find my Jessica.  She's the only one of the 70 kids that hasn't been gathered to the location in Fontamara, Haiti that we're using as our "home" for the team on the ground (which includes my husband... it's been a week).

So, if things go well - if the Lord has another miracle for me, I'll be a mom on Thursday.  I may need to work at home for a bit.  We have a day care option.  I just need to make sure my kid(s) realize that Mama and Papa come home every time they leave (unlike what their life experience has taught them thus far).

I don't know what the other option is (if things don't go well) so I don't have a response for that one.

Please keep us in your prayers.  That's really what we need most now.

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