Saturday, February 20, 2010

Email History: Humanitarian Paroles

And here's another one that is very indicative of what we were going through around Jan 25th:

I've had several people ask me if the parents should go down to Haiti to get their kids out themselves because "the parents that are doing down are getting their kids out".

Let me make this clear.

NO ONE is getting Humanitarian Parole paperwork today.  NO ONE. 

The families that may have got their kids out did so prior to President Preval's announcement.

It will NOT HELP to have more parents trying to get into the Embassy in a country that is already in complete chaos.

I know you're frustrated.  Believe me.  I have a husband and two kids on the ground (one whom is still missing).  I don't think you realize how blessed we've been to be working with Chareyl and Lindsay in this situation.  They were literally INSPIRED to tell us what paperwork needed to be gathered.  They've compiled these very organized, very detailed packets on each of the children.  There is literally NOT A DOCUMENT that the Haitian Government could want (that still exists) that is not in those packets. 

And how would you get back home if you did that?  Where would you stay?  How would you eat?

I, myself, am starting to get a bit frustrated that I keep hearing that people think they could "do this better themselves".  Chareyl actually knows people PERSONALLY at the Embassy.  She's been doing Haitian adoptions for years.  I don't think you're going to have more luck than she has had.  I don't think you're going to be able to navigate the system better than she has done.

They have literally put themselves at risk to get your children out. 

I suggest, once again, that you try to focus your energy on praying for their success.  Pray for President Preval to have his heart softened.  Pray that there are some last miracles in this mess.  Pray that our babies are allowed to be on that plane.

And maybe pray for more patience for yourself and each other while we're all waiting.

I know it's hard.  Believe me - I know.  But I also trust God and I trust Chareyl.  If anyone can do this - they can.

You're welcome to yell at me if you like, but I promise you - there have been unbelievable miracles in this. 

Pray for one more.

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