Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Letter I Sent Off to the Many Gov't Agencies That Have Assisted in the Last Several Days

I just wanted to take a moment and pass on my thanks to you, your agencies and staff and in particular the wonderful staff at His House that have been working diligently to get these children to the USA. 

There's nothing about this situation that is ideal.  I will be the first to admit that I, as an adoptive parent, was completely furious at the though of the "children's home" having my kids while I waited for people to process paperwork. 

I wanted to say, "thank you" to the volunteers and staff at His House.  The children looked great and were in good spirits.  The His House staff were prepared for the needs of the families and I saw them interacting very calmly and wonderfully with so many families during this difficult situation.  I know they've put in a lot of extra hours, as many of you on this list have, to make this process go as quickly as possible.

We appreciate the efforts of so many to try to make this process function. I realize, after having spent so much time on the phone with all of you over the last several days, that there really hasn't been anything QUITE LIKE THIS under the current laws and regulations.  You've created a process that will function, that will check off all the boxes the government needs and that will keep the children safe and cared for while those needs are being met. 

I know this disaster as caused unbelievable stress and additional work.  Nearly everyone I've had the opportunity to meet with has handled themselves with grace and integrity.  We appreciate you "rising to the call" when this catastrophe occurred and creating a way for us to get these children home.

My own little son spent his first night at his own house last night.  I think he had breakfast three times this morning.  I can't think of a better way for his first day in America - "the land of plenty" to be spent.

Thank you for making that possible.  

Kind regards,
Lori Rosenlof
Mama of Nathan (in USA) and Jessica (still in Haiti)


The Mom @ Babes in Hairland said...

Well said. I love that picture of him. So cute. I'm so happy to hear you are home & he is with you. Our prayers are still that you can bring home Jessica soon.

The Brown's said...

what a gracious letter. I LOVE the picture of Nathan in his own home:) What a good mama to give breakfast three times!!! We are so happy for you. We will continue to pray that the transition for Nathan is smooth and that Jessica gets to come home soon! Love Ya!

Mikey said...

My heart is full. While the saga is not over, I feel it is nearing its final stop. I want to say your story has changed me in two ways. First, I want to be a better person overall so I can return to a Father that will literally move the earth (and cut through red tape) to bring you your children. Second, I want to be a better father to my kids that I sometimes take for granted. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all!

Pete L. said...

Brings a tear to our eye. Thanks for the pic, he looks so content.

Erin said...

He is so beautiful! We are continuing to pray for Jessica.

April said...

Thank You So Much for sharing your wonderful story with all of us! My children and I have been following your journey very closely the past two weeks and we are so happy that you finally have your boys safe and sound at home. We will continue to pray that Jessica will soon be reunited with her mommy, daddy, and brother.

Marianne said...

He is an angel! I am so grateful he is here with you! I am constantly praying that Jessica will join you soon.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Crying happy tears for Nathan...and praying for Jessica. :)

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