Thursday, February 18, 2010

Helena Handbasket

We have this basket that was handmade by our friend's mother.  We have some of Nathan's small toys in it in his bedroom.  He was toting it around the house the other day and when I turned around I saw this:

He might possibly have needed help getting out. 

My friend Troy told me that his son has been praying for our family.  He said 

He is so cute and thoughtful. He prays every night for you and Nathan that you are happy and loving each other.   Also that he is thankful that he was able to come home to Utah.  He also prays that Jessica's dad will get her to where she needs to be.
Funny... that sounds pretty much exactly like what we pray for.  Thanks, JT.


Nikki said...

Aww! That is so sweet. Both the pictures and Troy's little boy's prayer. I pray for you too and Jessica reuniting with you.

Perla said...

that nathan is something amazing. wow. sooo beautiful.

jessica rabbit said...

Are you totally exhausted and loving it??? I'm so happy for you guys! It makes me smile to see these happy pictures of Nathan. He's adorable!

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