Monday, February 15, 2010

Follow Up With the Masons...

Last Wednesday night (Feb 10th) Nathan, Collin, Tia and I went down to the Masonic Lodge to meet the gentlemen who had done some fundraising for the Team Hope Families.

They were able to help some of the families who found themselves parents of Haitian children much quicker than originally anticipated.  They have been very kind to us and very supportive of these families. 

This picture is of Tia, Collin and "Grandpa Ken".  He's a very nice, very kind man who has taken us under his wing.

They also gave Nathan and Collin their first taste of cake and ice cream.  Nathan's little bottom jaw was chattering from cold and there were a few times that he started staring off into space (I think it was brain freeze) but he LOVED it.


Best of the Best said...

Motherhood suits you, Lori!!! I'm so happy little Nate is home with you and Brent.

Chaoyi said...

Beautiful boy!

Princess Heather said...

I know this isn't the important part of all of what has gone on with your cute family lately, but I think your hair looks so pretty.

Also, Masons are good people aren't they? My Dad is one as well. Very philanthropic. I love it.

leadatortilla said...

Lori, I love seeing Nathan in your arms! I loved seeing the pics of Nathan on Brent's shoulders. So fun! Hugs for all from me.

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