Saturday, November 15, 2008

Update on Files

This last week we finally received our IBESR file numbers for Jessica and Nathan!

What does that mean? It means this office is officially looking at our dossier. It's usually at least a couple of months before they finish with that, but at least we're officially in the next step. Brent updated the text on our side bar so you can see that we've inched one step closer!

Still no word at all on Malot.

Thanks for your prayers and support.


Pete and Mare said...

Yippee!!!! We're soooo excited!! You made my week! We are so happy that you are that much closer to brining them home! They are so dang cute and we love them so! You are in our thoughts and prayers daily! Congratulations guys! We sure do love you! ;) Pete & Mare

The Brown's said...

lori we are glad to hear that things are moving forward! i wanted to tell you that i watched brent yesterday with his primary class. seriously has a talent when it comes to kids. They LOVE him. I am so excited for your kids to be able to have him all to themselves everyday, forever!

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