Saturday, November 29, 2008


I know that it's nearly December. I'm a bit late these days (ask Cliss!)

I felt the need to share these with the world.

Our little Nathan is named after Brent's best friend. Uncle Nate has the COOLEST Halloween costume on the entire planet. (And yes, he does own the horse and no, he didn't rent him for the costume)

When he rides down the street, the horse's hooves spark against the pavement and add to the ambiance of it all.

Nate and his friend, Woody, hauled the horse around to some friends and family in our little town. They'd get Nate loaded up and in costume on Jet (the horse) and position him right in front of the front door. And then Woody would call the homeowners and tell them that he was in their driveway and could they come "give him a hand" with something. Woody would then stand back and "watch the magic" as the poor, unsuspecting homeowners would open their front door and find The Headless Freakin' Horseman!!!!!

PLUS, Uncle Nate gives out full-size candy bars!

It's truly awesome to see him in his full getup.

We love you both! Thank you for everything you've done and continue to do for us and the kids. We can scarcely wait for Little Nate to meet Uncle Nate.

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