Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sending Out Happy Thoughts For Nathan

With Nathan in the hospital in Haiti, with IVs in his arms and just trying to endure, I thought I should post some pictures of Nathan and Daddy.

Remember we were reunited with Nathan Thursday night and that we left Saturday morning. We don't have a lot of pictures of him from this trip.

I love his little expression in this one. I'm not sure what I was doing and it looks like he's not quite sure either.

We didn't think we'd ever again see this little boy. So to be able to watch him playing and laughing with his Daddy.... beautiful.

My handsome boys! Love you both so dearly!

Hang in there, Nate. We're praying that you'll feel better soon and that you can be back to running around and being happy with your sister very soon.

We are also praying that this hospital trip turns out better than Malot's trip and that you'll actually come back to the orphanage and continue to grow and thrive and be happy until we can come and be with you again.

We love you, Nate. Get well soon!


Perla said...

i'm so sorry to hear about nathan being in the hospital! i will start praying for him immediately! i hope to hear that he is back at the o and doing well asap!

The Brown's said...

oh lori i am so sorry! please know we are praying for a speedy recovery:O)

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