Monday, November 17, 2008

Holding Our Breath...

Today was supposed to be the day that Jessica's mom met with USCIS.

This is a big deal for us because a) it gets one more step out of the way for one of the children and b) it was this interview that freaked out Lexi and Nathan's mom earlier this year and caused her to take the kids back. We're very nervous and anxious for news that she came and that it went well.

Rachael asked why Lexi didn't come back with Nathan. The reason there is that they have different fathers. Nathan's father has agreed with the decision to place him for Adoption. Lexi's father has had a change of heart since she was originally placed in the orphanage last year. She's not going to be placed for adoption again. At least at this point.... one never knows about these things.

A few items that are also concerning from a blog written by a woman who keeps track of international adoption issues and status - particularly for Haiti. See her most recent post here


Perla said...

glad to hear that you have ibesr #s. i still remember andre's. i prayed a lot about the file attached to that #! i hope that you will be posting good news soon that all went well with the interview. it is always a relief to have jumped through another burning hoop with out getting burned.

Pete and Mare said...

I've often thought of how amazing it was that so many friends staid with Nathan's birth mom for 3 hours at the court to watch her sign over her rights that Thursday in Haiti. That's good new that this second big step is taking place. A little more reassurance helps a lot. Things will keep falling in place when you least expect it. Another step closer... that is such a blessing! ;) Big hug.

Nichole said...

I am so glad to hear your post again. I have missed them over the last few weeks.

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