Saturday, November 29, 2008

Prayers, Please

We just were updated that little Nathan is very sick and in the hospital. We're confident they're trying to do what's best for him, but we pray he'll be better soon.

It's so tough to keep the kids well in country that has so little and where there is so much disease and poor water, etc. We hope to be able to get a water filtration system to them with our next trip. I wish there was a magic injection we could give them that would keep them well until we can get them home!


mlg said...

Not good will be praying!!

Maggie said...

Truly not what we wanted to hear! Prayers, and tears, continually.

R AND R AND Z said...

I am overwhelmed by emotion.. Why cant we just get all the children home and safe.. You will be ib our thoughts we love you guys

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