Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Awesome Made Up Game #426

Jess thought the pool was pretty sucky. She didn't like the whole "wet" part. I think that was the core of the issue. She did invent a fun game to play with Daddy while Daddy was helping the other kids play in the pool. (Remember none of these kids have been at a pool before, so everyone needs to be held by an adult to prevent that pesky DROWNING issue from occuring)

Step 1: Find beach ball. Carry it to edge of pool. Try hard not to ooze cuteness but fail miserably.

Step 2: Chuck ball at Daddy who is in the pool. Make Momma laugh at the cute little ruffles on your bum and the way your swim suit WILL NOT stay up.
3. Be delighted in how clever you are and giggle to yourself as you run away from the edge of the pool.
4. The next step in the game is for Dad to throw the ball back to the cement so you can chase it. Momma didn't get good pics of that. So imagine Dad chucking the ball back.

5. Repeat.
She does this little thing where she chews on her lip all the time. This is a good image of "Jessica": Toddling around, being busy, chewing her lip and being too stinking cute for her own good!

This is a shot of Jess giggling to herself as she runs away from the pool just after chucking the ball. There's that lip chewing thing again. It's terribly unfortunate how cute she is.This picture delights me. I love her eyes. She's such a vibrant little soul.
Can't wait to see you again, Sweetheart! We love you!


Pete and Mare said...

Sooo sweet! Djoe kept taking his ss off after he was done swiming. I guess they are not used to being wet... Jess is so dang cute! Great pics of Jess plaaying with her daddy, love it!

mlg said...

It really is unfortunate that she is so darn cute, it really isn't fair, and it will be really sad when she comes home and is the cutest thing in the whole neighborhood, I'm so sorry!

Nichole said...

I have a child that does this with her eyes. She is very expressive. WATCH OUT!!! Their adorableness Is this a word? sure makes for an adventures child. I think you may have your hands full with this sweet thing.

Rachael said...

Little toddlers bodies are my favorite thing - they are just so pudgy and cute with little bottoms and big legs. The swimsuit looks esp cute on her!

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