Sunday, April 18, 2010

Moving On

I firmly believe that Bank of America is run by criminals.

We made an offer on this house (the one we're currently in) last JULY. We sold our last home in October and made arrangements to move into this one because the bank kept saying that they should be ready to close our offer "within the next month".

They said that again.

And again.

And again.

Now, mind you, the man that owns this house hasn't paid THEM his mortgage payment since December.... of 2008.


We've been living here, paying HIM rent since the end of October.

I know, I know... we should have not paid him either. But two wrongs don't make a right. We wouldn't have felt right about not paying SOMEONE while living here. Pretty sweet deal for him, huh? He's been renting this place and not paying on it for a long time (there were renters in it before us). He'll have to deal (at some point) with his own dishonesty.

Oh... AND he didn't pay the utilities. We happened to find that out last month before they turned off the utilities. We had to catch up 4 months worth of utility payments. Then we had them all moved to our name.

Yeah, we're getting the shaft on this one.

So, needless to say, when it became apparent that the bank was not going to close on this property in time for us to get the tax credit, we said, "We're moving on".

For those in the area, we're moving back down to the Lehi South Stake area. We'll be in the North Lake I Ward.

We're excited to be back down among the people we've known and loved for the last 8+ years.

I'm very sad about not getting this house. The neighbors have been so fabulous to us, particularly during all the stuff trying to get Brent and Nathan home from Haiti.

And I love this house... particularly the stairs. And the kitchen. And the master suite.

But, apparently it wasn't meant to be.

The house we're moving to is a pretty normal, average house. It's a rambler, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths.  But, it has half an acre. Brent will be happy in the yard for years on this one. Click here if you don't recall the awesome things he did on our .22 acres at the last house.

We did our walk through on the new house this last week.  We'll close this next week.  And then we'll be done.  No more rent that's going to nowhere.   No more "shaft". 

We'll be in a place where we can put up a fence and grass and let Nathan run around in the yard.  Can't wait for THAT part.


leadatortilla said...

YEAH! Yeah, for a place to call your own and yeah for grass and fun in the yard. The two of you are amazing landscapers and I'm excited to see what you do this time around! And, yeah for being back in our Stake! And boo - to the man who shammed you and boo to the bank too.

geralyn said...

There are VERY few people in life who seem to have the same rotten luck I do and unfortunately, you rank right up there as one of the top three. I know you are going to enjoy your new place for one simple reason; the three of you are together as a family!!!! Hope the move goes smoothly.

Bambi and Adam said...

Sorry to hear about the house ! I'm sure that for the short time you were there you touched the hearts of those around you ! And for that short time , that is where you were supposed to be. But NOW ... Time to move on :)

Sarah said...

We are so excited to have you back at least in our stake, if we cant get you back in our ward. It was so great to meet Nathan the other day. He is such a adorable little man. We sure miss you guys but are really glad that you can move on and into a house where your money will go somewhere.

David and Candice said...

Oh that is so rotten,some people are just scummy.
We are glad you found a great house and i know Brent will love the backyard we can not wait to see how you guys add your touch too it:)-Candice

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