Friday, April 30, 2010

I Want a Divorce...

...from my husband's kidneys.

Just the kidneys.

Mostly the left one.

We spent the morning at the ER again yesterday.  Apparently he had more stones queued up in his kidney.  They didn't mention that to us until we went back in and then it was like, "Oh, yeah... there were others in your kidney on that CT scan the other week".

Not that we could have done anything about it.  I guess sometimes knowing isn't half the battle.


Lisa Lee said...

WRong email -

mlg said...

Stupid Kidney stones!

JAEAEAJ said...

Always knew you were one in a million, but now to watch your little family and see how it has made you more of the person you were meant to be my heart is so full. Miss Lori miss you, so happy to see you have all the treasures in life!
God Bless
Andrea Christiansen-Fernelius

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