Monday, April 5, 2010


Aunt TiTi's family invited us to come over for the extended family Easter Egg hunt and dinner at Mom Simpson's house.

I've known Tia for almost 20 years.  Her older brother was one of the guys I hung out with in High School.  And, her older sister was Brent's first girlfriend.  I guess you could say we go "way back". 

Mom Simpson hides plastic eggs all over their half acre yard.  HUNDREDS of them.  Over 500 eggs this year in her backyard.  They're strategically hidden by height so the older you are the higher off the ground you're required to look when hunting for hidden eggs.

She also hides bananas.  Three for each grandkid.  They're easir for the little ones to spot and healthier for them all to eat.  Plus, if they miss one, they don't smell bad when they rot.  :)

She gave each kid a basket and announced there were enough eggs for each get to get 33 (plus their three bananas) and they were off.

 Nathan and Collin caught on quickly to how this game worked.  They had a great time.
The older kids helped them out and Nathan was quite happy to let them find them for him.  Too much running on those little legs.
They searched high and low and basically had a grand time.

Collin is MUCH better at sharing and taking turns than Mr. N.  He's also freakishly strong for his size.
All the candy was new to Nathan.  He really likes Sixlets and Smarties.  Good to know!

Then everyone moved to the Garage (was converted to a dining room for the occasion because it's the only place big enough to seat everyone) and we had a fabulous dinner.

Thanks, Mom and Dad Simpson and family for inviting us and making us feel like family.  We had a great evening. 
(and thanks, Toria, for the pictures!)

It was a PERFECT first Easter for Mr. Nathan!


Q said...

That sounds like a grand egg hunt! How many hours are spent in preparation for that 15 minute hunt? I guess it is all worth it for the smiles and giggles of the kids, right!

Bambi and Adam said...

sounds fun!!!!

David and Candice said...

What great Easter:)-Candice

mlg said...

How fun it will be fun watching those two boys growing up together!

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