Sunday, April 4, 2010

Grandpa Keith

My grandfather was laid to rest on Saturday.  Nathan did really well (my dad said it wasn't an option for us - Nathan was coming!  He had too many extended family members that he wanted to meet his new Haitian grandson).  He did try to grab the microphone a bit when I said the opening prayer for the services (he kinda has this "thing" where he screams if I leave him) and there was a solemn moment at the cemetary when they were unloading the casket from the hearse and Nathan suddenly noticed the hearse and how shiny it was and started yelling, "Mama!  Mama!  Machin!  Machin!" but other than that he was a trooper.

I come from a large family and everyone wanted to hear him say "El Camino" (and he usually obliged them).

My Uncle Scott did a fabulous job on the eulogy.  He shared some great stories from Grandpa's childhood growing up in a tiny little speck of a farming town... like the time there was a squirrel living in the walls of their farmhouse and Grandpa shot it with his BB gun but he just wounded it so it ran back inside the wall to die there.  I guess the stench was pretty unbearable for awhile there.

There was also a story about the year Grandpa received a gopher trap for his birthday - it's a different world, folks!

We'll miss you, Grandpa.  Thank you for being a "good grandpa".

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