Friday, April 2, 2010

Scenes that I've Seen

Saw a truck on the freeway the other day that was advertising its business in lawn care.  The side of the truck said,  
"Lawn Gevity"
and I had to give them points for creativity.

However, the best thing I've seen lately on the side of a truck was for an excavating company.  Across the tail gate of the truck in large, shiny font it said:
 "All Our Hoes Are Legal"

 That may be the best really bad marketing line I've ever read.  Good times... Good times...

And then the other day the guys went to lunch and I stayed back.  When they returned they informed us that they'd seen Lance described as a Street Urchin Darth Vader sitting on the side of the road with a sign that said, "Rebels destroyed my Death Star.  Please Help."  I guess there are internet pictures of these sorts of Beggin' Vaders going round the web.  But, really.... "Street Urchin Darth Vader" could be a great name for an album....

My son loves to be with me.  He'll fall asleep in his bed, but then he comes in to my bed at some point (usually around 4) and stays there the rest of the night.  He likes me to sit by him if he's eating.  He likes to sit on me if he's resting.  He likes to follow me into the bathroom if I'm having a little toilet time.

I figure we might as well work on building some skills while we're there.  I'm trying to get him started on a stand-up comedy routine.  So far, his attempt to repeat and say, "So... how many of you are from out of town?" needs some work.  It will probably be quite some time before we try to bring his bathroom stand up to a urinal near you.

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