Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Because Anything that Will Keep This From Happening Is Worth It...

I promise, I'm not a media whore.

We interviewed tonight with the Deseret News (thanks, Elizabeth!) for an article running on Friday.

We've also had reporters and cameramen from Fox 13 and KSL come by an interview us in the last week for pieces they're doing on Haiti or international adoption that will air in May or June.

I promise, we're not actively seeking this out.  We try to keep low key about the events.  I mean, I didn't even do a blog post a couple weeks ago when some people from that Oprah lady's show called us.  We obviously, didn't do her show - yet but it may be a possibility.  (They were trying to gather some information for a piece they were considering doing on Haitian adoptions so they talked to us and to Chareyl.  We'll see.)

I know some of the other families that have recently brought children home are hesitant to do interviews and I totally get that.  If Nathan was older or could talk, we'd feel differently as well. 

I'm sure the neighbors (who don't know us that well but have seen cars emblazoned with the logos of the local stations in our driveway) are starting to wonder if we're running a meth house or something.  It's generally not a good thing when the news are always around, right?

I feel like we have an obligation to keep Haiti on the minds of the people around us.  We do have the nonprofit that we have to keep on people's minds, so we bring that up (even if they want to talk about international adoption, they end up hearing about Hope)  :)

Even if it freaks out the neighbors - even if people get sick of hearing from the Rosenlofs - I feel like we have an obligation to keep Haiti and her people on the minds of those around us. 

Because anything - ANYTHING - that could possibly keep this from happening:

is worth it to us!!


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Keep up the good work!

mlg said...

That is great, anything to keep the spotlight on Haiti and I am sure you do a good job talking to all the reporters!

Melissa said...

If that Oprah lady calls back and you need a know who to call!!!! That is awesome!

The Ridgeways said...

I think it is important to keep Haiti in the news, and you so should do Oprah if they call back!!

David and Candice said...

I agree we need to keep talking about Haiti There are still people who say all the time to us "really it's like that over there?"-Candice

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