Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why We're Counting Down the Hours Until They're in Our Arms again

This is from our first trip to Haiti - a bit over a year ago. We met our son Nathan on that trip. We also had his sister, Lexi, with us then as well. We had no idea at that time how much pain 2008 would bring us but you can see why we were immediately and deeply in love with this little man!

He was about 5 months old here. The little crooked grin when the video hits the :43 mark melts my soul. I have every coo, every lip smack, every motion of this little video clip memorized. I've said before, Brent just KNEW from the first time we met Nathan that he was our son and I think that helped him to get through the 9 months we lost him this past year.

But 2008 also had some joys and surprises in store for us. This is from the October trip when we were reunited with Nathan. He still does this random singing thing - mostly to amuse himself and he does it a lot when he's tired. Just ignore Jessi and me in the background. Yes, that noise that sounds like a cat meowing is Nathan. Even at 17 months he still just coos. He's such a sweet little boy.

And sweet and wacky Jessica... this one was taken within the first hour of getting Nathan back. She didn't know him because he hasn't been at the orphanage but she did really well letting this strange little boy into her new world with her Mommy and Daddy. Her fake laugh completely kills me. As does her little tongue.

We can scarcely wait to be back with them. We leave on Tuesday and we'll be in Haiti with them on Wednesday! I'm anxious to see if they remember us, how they do those first minutes we're reunited, how much they've changed in 4 months, if Nathan being at the O with her has had an impact on how they play together....

Two points for the Lord!


The Brown's said...

i was holding ella, who i thought was a sleep, when i started the video and when she heard the first sounds she immediatly turned her head to see the computer. she watched all three and then layed her head down and is now back to sleep. i think they are going to be bff:O) hope you have a great time!

Teri said...

I'm so excited for you! Have a wonderful trip!

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