Monday, January 5, 2009

Next Item Up For Bid...

One of the odd challenges of the Haitian Adoption Process is trying to find clothes for your child. When we take these parent trips to Haiti, we bring everything we'll need to clothe and care for our kids while we're there for those few days in the hotel.

If all goes well, this will be the first time (out of four trips to Haiti) that we will have had the same set of children for two trips in a row. It's hard to plan with all the turbulence we've had this year.

So we're trying to get things gathered for the next trip. 22 days til we go.

We have clothing for Jessica. We got a little exuberant last trip I guess and we have enough clothing to take care of her. Nathan, on the other hand.... we didn't know we had him back until the last trip was nearly over.

Have you ever tried to find toddler sandals while living in Utah's 20 degree weather?

Thank heaven for eBay. I've found some items there and I even won a few. We'll see if we can get stocked for him before the week's out.


andrea said...

What size does nathan wear? I may have some clothes packed away from when Jonathon was littler. Let me know, I may even have shoes. Sadly, I keep everything.
Best to you

The Brown's said...

Lori I am excited to hear that you get to go see your babies soon! I wish I would have known I just gave all of my boy clothes away. SORRY! I really hope all goes well and you have a wonderful time full of happy memories. You and Brent deserve them:O)

rachaelgreg said...

Lori - I have some very cool blue velcro sandals (size 7-8) from Gap that my little guy has grown out of. Email me if you need them.

I can bring them by next time I'm at Lea's house.

Mom of 3 Boys said...

Shopko had a bunch of children's sandals on clearance for $5 last week.

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