Friday, January 9, 2009

You Look Good.... For a Fat, Pregnant Woman

Yesterday my dear Perla posted about a little episode of social whiplash that she recently experienced.

Her post says:
When the guy that comes to deliver your dry wall says to you, "You look good for your age." Is that a compliment?
It reminds me of an "incident" several years ago. I was the lead of a team of mostly women. We had one woman in her seventies that would come in to do filing for us. She was sort of the "Team Grandma". Anyway, another woman on the team (in her very early twenties) was about 5 months pregnant with her first child. One day Team Grandma says to Pregnant Woman:
"Your baby must be a boy because when the baby is a boy the mother tends to carry all the weight on her butt and that's definitely where yours is."
There were a few tears shed that day, let me tell you... (and I'm not sure where the "baby boy-butt weight" correlation comes in)

It'd be a pretty dull world if we were all the same.

So share the love and leave us a social whiplash story in the comments.


andrea said...

My favorite was just after I had my last child, I have had all my children c-section, so I tend to carry extra weight/scar tissue in my mid section. A woman at walmart came up and said, oh how exciting your pregnant.... Shocked I stated not any more, and walked off
People just do not think, maybe I have endometriosis, or something, UGH!

Z said...

When people say "You're pregnant? I had a hysterectomy." And then proceed to tell me every gross detail about their uterus. It's happened at least 6 times.

geralyn said...

Of course there is the classic "Why don't you just have kids of your own" comment and then I usually shut them up with a good story of my husbands vasectomy. When they stand there staring at me and my black kids, I love to tell people that I think they are my husbands kids?? I figure if they can ask personal questions I can give them something to think about. I really have a wicked sense of humor!!

Tifanni said...

I had someone tell me that they didn't believe that white parents should raise black children. This person knew I was adopting from Haiti, but apparently never put down the Weekly World News long enough to realize that Haiti is a black nation. When I mentioned to them that Haitians are black, they stuttered and stammered and told me how they weren't prejudice-some people are nuts

Perla said...

thanks for posting that. always a good laugh. i sure enjoyed being able to sit by you and brent last night!

Perla said...

i forgot this cool story. after dealing with hep a for 4 months and still feeling like he*& due to complications and colistatic jaundice, i forced myself to walmart to pick up a few things. it was 3 days after halloween. a lady says to me, "was you a witch?" me,"huh?" her, "was you a witch?" me,"for halloween?" her, "yeah, your skin is still green and your eyes are yellow." me, "um. yeah. that was it. it won't wash off." i figured that if somebody has that bad of english (it was her first language) then i wasn't going to let her offend me.

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