Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snuggling with Daddy

I think we took these pictures the first night of our October trip. We had only Jessica for most of the week, as you'll recall. That night, Brent had his computer out and was trying to upload some pictures or something.

Miss Jessi just came right over and of course wanted to help - anything with that many buttons and lights has to be AWESOME!! Naturally, right?

But the part that I liked the best was when she snuggled back into Brent's arm - cuddled right up with Daddy. She'd touch a key on the computer and then look up at Brent to see what his reaction was.

Of course, we think everything they do is adorable, so he was laughing which made her laugh with him. She has the funniest laugh - particularly if she knows she's being funny.

My dear friend, Melissa, recently posted about how her daughter likes to snuggle up with Daddy and they take a nap.

I can't wait until that's Brent and Jessica on our very own couch at our very own house.

Please let it come soon enough that they're still little and still want to snuggle. With our luck, they may well be 17 by the time we get them home! :D


Pete and Mare said...

Oh my goodness Lori, what a sweet post!!! I too wish that for Jessi and Brent, won't that truly be heaven on earth? Sweet post!
Great big hug

Heather said...

Seriously girl you make me miss Jessica so much and I only spent just a few minutes with her. I hope she will be home soon so the snuggling can begin.

Melissa said...

It will be soon and they are not going to be 17. They will be home THIS year. I know it.

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