Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Noble Beasts

And another distraction post...

I learned something FASCINATING this last week on the radio. Apparently, there is a segment of the population of this great country who believe that if someone in your household has asthma you should get a chihuahua.

Yes, a chihuahua.According to the DJs, the belief is that the dog will 'take your asthma' and the dog will then be sick and you will become well!

There are many questions that arise when I think about this line of logic. For starters, it seems like a very MEAN thing to do to the poor, unsuspecting dog! It seems rather vicious. Secondly, if you were going to believe that a dog had the ability to absorb your asthma why wouldn't you pick a dog with a greater lung capacity than the noble chihuahua? I mean, imagine what a MASTIFF could do in the same circumstances.

Check out those nostrils! He should be able to cure a fleet of sick asthmatics!

But really, aren't chihuahuas kinda wheezy dogs anyway? I suspect it has less to do with asthma absorption and more to do with inherent tiny nasal passages, but what do I know??

And I can say I'm very glad my friend, Michelle, uses an inhaler rather than a chihuahua to treat her asthma....

No offense intended to any noble, self-sacrificing chihuahuas that may be among my readership! May you and all your people breathe happily ever after!


mlg said...

Yeah I wont be getting a chihuahua anytime soon!

Z said...

Spindleshanks (my chihuahua) hyperventilates when something exciting happens. Like when we wake-up in the morning or make eye contact with him or someone says the phrase "pecan pie". I have no idea why he freaks over pecan pie but every time he gets so excited he forgets to breathe.

P.S. is that chihuahua dressed as a bee or Charlie Brown?

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