Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cards, cards, cards....

What a strange week it's been! We managed to get all the card orders shipped this morning (or delivered in some cases).

I made up these little tags and tied them to each bundle of cards with ribbon. How many times have I mentioned that I love having a logo? It just makes it seem more official and less like I'm suddenly and completely randomly an importer for Haitian handmade cards that I then package up in my basement and mail off to far-flung places like Montana. Oh, wait....

I thought I'd show you some of the other types of cards that Harry can have made for us. I scanned the sample cards that he sent, so my apologies if they're hard to view or cut off.

I think this would make a cute little set - "Happy Family cards"

These look like good Valentine's Day cards or a nice set to keep on hand to use on wedding gifts.

Here's a grouping for baby shower gifts

These cards say "Tropic Paradise" to me. Great all-purpose cards.

And these are my favorite - "Haitian Women". Some of these are just exquisite. I'm completely amazed by what they can do with a banana leaf!

So - what do you think?
  • Any of them strike your fancy?
  • Any that you'd buy if I had him make more?
  • Do the groupings make sense?
  • How many cards would you expect to get in a set (like one of each or two of each or would you expect to get "6 cards" or "10 cards", etc)
  • What would you expect to pay for them?
PRETTY PLEASE, I'm begging you for feedback. I feel like I don't have a good idea of whether we can really try to do this again for Harry because the bulk of the cards I shipped were ordered by three very generous people. Obviously, they can't keep that up!

Do you think that you or people like you would be interested in this?


Melissa said...

I would buy them! I think the Valentines Day ones are maybe for Weddings? I would love to order more of these. Maybe you could group them with a few of each and call it a set. I would up the asking price though. They are amazing cards and anywhere else you would see them for $5 a card (or AT LEAST $3). Just my two cents though.

jessica rabbit said...

I like all of the cards especially the "Tropic Paradise". I'd buy some, I was sad that I missed the other ones. And I think others would buy them too espcially since they're for a good cause. The groupings you have there make sense. I think maybe a set should have either 2 or 3 of each card in a grouping. So maybe the groupings of 3 have 3 of each card for a total of 9 cards for maybe $18. And the groupings of 4 could have 2 of each card for $16 or 3 of each card for $24. Maybe you could price them a little higher. Hard to say if people would (or could afford) to pay too high. I hope this helps! Good luck!

R AND R AND Z said...

I wanted to buy the card but you already sold out i do want to order some if you can get more i like to have cards on hand for thank yous also i like the shower idea i will buy those for my shower (someday) you could sell more if they came in packs of like 10 or more with different design at least this is my idea let me know if i can do anything to help

mlg said...

I recently bought a set of 10 cards for $15.00 for a fund raiser, so asking a little more is ok. I'm sure there is a lot of work going into them, and if we all advertised on our blogs that would help sell more I think!

Anonymous said...

I love the group of the women. And yes I would buy them. If I bought some, I would probably like a set of 10, and I would pay $15. - Cliss

Kristi said...

Ok so I've been in Haiti for a week but I came home to a little package of cards and I LOVE THEM!!! My husband loved them too and he's not really all that into cards and stuff. They are so cool and I would absolutely buy more.

I'm not sure exactly what kind of profit margin you have on them but I think you could probably charge more for them. I think people understand that it is a good cause and are willing to pay more for them plus it's a fabulous product.

I love these cards!

Anonymous said...

I think that the cards depicting the Haitian women are absolutely gorgeous. It seems like theres just so much thinking and planning taht goes into these.

Linda Nwosu said...

I would like to order cards for notes and thank yous (those with women, families, children, etc.) Can you send me info on how to order. LSN

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