Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Calling All Happy Thoughts!!!

I have a work friend who is adopting. He and his wife have been at this for years, just like us. They found out a couple of weeks ago that a birth mother had selected them and that she was expecting TWIN GIRLS in January.

I just heard that the birth mom is going to be induced TOMORROW and that my friends should get their baby girls on CHRISTMAS DAY!

I'm nearly in tears, I'm so excited for them.

I'm also anxious - now comes the agonizing part with adoption. Will she change her mind? Will everything go well?

It's so hard to want something so much that is such a blessing for you and yet such a heartache for another mother somewhere.

J&L will be FABULOUS parents. I am praying so hard that this happens for them and that they get their family on Christmas Day.

If you believe in happy thoughts - please send prayers, clap your hands (thanks, Tinkerbell) or just positive thoughts to the Powers that Be that this little family will have THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!

We're praying for you!! Keep us posted, J&L!!


Princess Heather said...

Ooh, will you email me and keep me posted. I would love to go little baby girl shopping while I am in california.

My25Cents said...

Been there... sending our love & happiest thoughts to you & your friends.
I'm familiar with the tears, too. For me, they've never gone away.

Fernelius' said...

You can have all my happy thoughts
Best to you
Merry Christmas!

Pete and Mare said...

You bet we will!!Our birth mom chose us for Kailee right before Christmas. It made for such a nice holiday season. It was stressful until she was in our arms two months later. I truly pray they will have this wonderful Christmas gift(times two.) Great big hug ~ Mare

geralyn said...

defintely will be sending out positives vibes and hope that everything goes well for everyone involved.

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