Monday, April 6, 2009

Yard Sale-A-Rama

One of the other adoptive mommies in our area has made arrangements for our orphanage to participate in the largest yard sale in the state. Coming up at the end of the month, one of the local radio stations hosts a yard sale in the parking lot of the local events center. They expect 4000 people to come through this yard sale. She was able to get us 3 spots. Each spot is allowed to bring a truck and a trailer to haul in the items that they would like to put on sale.

So, this is a plea to anyone in the reading area of my blog.... if you have something like furniture that is still in good condition but that you're no longer using, or any other good condition items, please contact me or Candice. We're looking for donations for the yard sale so that all the proceeds from the sale will go to the orphanage.

Please let us know what you have that you would sell off at a yard sale for our babies in Haiti.

Hope For Little Angels of Haiti... We're trying, we're working hard to help you get what you need to support these beautiful babies and keep them healthy.

We hope to hear from some of you that will help make things ready for the sale.


David and Candice said...

Thank You Lori,for getting this info out.I hope we can donate some good money!!-Candice

Mom of 3 Boys said...

Lori, I live in Logan and have a double jogging stroller that we are no longer using and a wooden unfinished quilt rack. They are both in good condition. If you will either email me or post a comment on my blog I can make arrangements to drop it off to you.


mlg said...

I could meet the Mom of 3 Boys on Thursday night somewhere as I will be driving down from Rexburg that day, let me know if I can help!

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