Monday, April 13, 2009

Smells Like Teen Spirit

My job at Church on Sunday has been changed around a bit. Now I'm teaching the 3-year old class (called "the Sunbeams"). They are a complete riot - mostly because they don't know they're funny. All ya'll will benefit here because I should have a LOT of "little kid story" material going forward.

Teaching Sunbeams is a bit like being an aerobics instructor but without the cardiac benefits. You have to change things up every few minutes to keep them engaged because a 45 minute class is TORTURE for a 3 year old otherwise. I can't say that I blame them. If you've only lived for three whole years then 45 minutes is a huge percentage of your entire life compared to the adults you know.

Here are just two of the awesome moments from yesterday:

One of the little girls in my class was trying to tell me something so I was trying hard to listen to what she was telling me. One of the little boys in the class starts in with "Guess what I can do. Guess what I can do. Guess what I can do." over and over again as I'm trying to listen. I finally turn and say, "What, sweet friend. What is it you can do?"

His response? He says, "I can pee standing up. Wanna see??"

"Wow... NO! No, I do not want to see, but... uh...good job for... um,...thinking of others... and...I'm going to guess that means you need to go potty, right?"

So I take him to the restroom, and I'm standing outside the stall, holding the door closed for him. Those restroom stall latches are pretty complicated to work when you're only 3. From outside the door I hear him yell, 'Ta-da!!" when he finishes.

Oh, to be 3 again and have everything be magical and wonderful and to appreciate what a big deal it is to be able to accomplish little things!!

And the other story... my friend was sitting next to me, chatting. Her little girl (newly 4 yrs old) was down on the floor and was leaning against her mom's legs so her cheeks was on her mom's knee. My friend was wearing a skirt and cute leather boots. We were visiting and then I hear little E say, "Lori! Lori! Lori! Do you want to smell my mom's boots?"

"No," I said, "but thank you. I like the smell of leather as well. Do you want to smell them for me?" So she obliged and took a big, deep whiff. "They smell like my Aunt Cheryl," she announced. I guess Aunt Cheryl wears a lot of leather.

That made me wonder if there are smells that my relatives associate with me...

Anyone know what sarcastic angst smell like???


Brown's said...

Coconut...yea definitely coconut:)

Be very careful of those sunbeams one day you'll be sitting there singing give said the little stream and next thing you know someone will be licking your arm.. true story:)

Melissa said...

The Sunbeams are the best! Just wait until they start telling you their family secrets...good times!!!

David and Candice said...

That was one of my Fave. callings. I love the way they talk about anything.
I wish we all could be so excited about simple things in life!-Candice

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