Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jewelry Show Updates

At my last job I traveled a fair amount. I spent two months in Singapore. I've been to Ireland, the Netherlands and all over this great country. I started looking for a piece of jewelry on some of my longer trips. I looked for something unique and something that I loved. I'm not one to "invest" in something like that - I'm a pretty frugal shopper - but I like having something that reminds me of that country every time I wear it.

I hope everyone who ordered (or will be ordering) from our lia sophia fundraiser has that same experience. I hope they associate that piece of jewelry with these fabulous kids and our sweet little orphanage. I hope they recognize that they've done a good thing.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who supported our lia sophia fundraisers so far. Emily gave me an update today and said we raised over $550 in one week for the orphanage!!

You can continue to support the orphanage (and get great jewelry) - she's creating a long-term account for us so that the commission from any sales done on her site where the shopper lists Hope for Little Angels of Haiti as the hostess will go straight to the orphanage.

Please feel free to copy the information below - put it on your own blog - send it out to your friends in email - rent a carrier pigeon - post it on Facebook - tattoo it on... well... maybe we won't go there. The point is, PLEASE tell everyone you know about it.

Great jewelry AND you help the kids. You can help us continue to raise
money towards our goal by:
1) Placing an order at and entering “Hope” as the hostess’s first name and selecting “Hope for Little Angels of Haiti” as the hostess. 30% of each sale will be donated.
2) Booking your own lia sophia show with me. (Emily's contact info is below)
3) Have a friend place an order or book a show.

Emily Mineer 435.251.9214

Think of these beautiful kids and the families trying to get them home!


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WOW!!,Thats great. I will post this on my site & get the word out.-Candice

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