Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dear Nathan

You've been home for 260 days now and our lives with never, thankfully, be the same.

You turned 3 in August.  We had family over for your party and you had a "fun-yata" (as you called your pinata).  We'd managed to mostly avoid candy up to that point and now you talk about it quite a bit.  I can't wait until you have your first Halloween in a couple of weeks.

You came home at 22-24 lbs and now you're at about 30 lbs.  You've grown an amazing 4 1/2 inches since you've been here.  Mama was right... sometimes you do get taller overnight.  It's amazing what proper nutrition will do.   You've also blown thrown 3 shoe sizes.  If you grown into your feet as an teen, you'll eat us out of house and home.  And I'll love every minute of it.

I'm constantly amazed at you.

Just the last few weeks your language skills have skyrocketed.  The other day, for example, I had picked you up from daycare and we had stopped at a street light.  You were in the car seat in the back.  I was trying to ask you how your day went.  "Did you have fun today, Nate?  Did you play?  What did you do?"  You were looking out the window and seemed not to be listening.  I kept trying, "Nate?  Nathan?  Did you have a good day?  Nate?  Did you have fun?"  Finally, you turned and looked at me and in your most exasperated voice you said, "Ma!  I'm lookin' at the trucks!!" and went back to the looking out the window.  The "Woman! Can you not see I'm BUSY" in your voice made me laugh so hard.  It's a good thing we weren't driving at the time, I guess.

Why is it always THOSE moments when your English is perfect?

I'm so grateful you're home, Little Man.  And so happy to be your Mama.

I love you,


Lynnae said...

Oh, he is soooo super cute!! Thanks for sharing a Nathan story; been wondering how he is doing.

Q said...

It's so great to hear that life is going well and Nathan is growing and developing too!

mlg said...

Oh my gosh he is so cute!

R AND R AND Z said...

so cute. Great to hear you are doing well

David and Candice said...

I love that picture!! I am so glad he is Home and in your arms!-Candice

My25Cents said...

4.5 inches! That is amazing! He'll need to keep growing to 'fit in' with you two! He's perfect and beautiful.

Such a bright spot in a year of struggles. Love you all.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Ooh, this letter to Nathan is so sweet. :)

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