Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Funny....

It's been a bit since I've posted.  Sometimes it is hard to want to share what's going on.

Thank you to whomever anonymously posted the comment about that org that had taken Jess's picture off our blog and posted her as the lead-in to their "Adopt a Haitian Orphan" program.  It took a few phone calls, but they did take it down.  Thank you for the alert.

In other Jess news... We finally got someone to go back out to where she lives.  Long story short - she's not coming home.  Once again, the birth father wouldn't let them see her.  Our friends in Haiti left a letter from us with a bunch of pictures of us and Jess over the year and a half that we thought she was going to be our daughter.  Harry tells us to continue to pray - and we do continue to pray, but that she's happy and healthy and safe.  We're not praying that she comes home anymore because it would appear this isn't to be her home.

I have no idea why we have been through what we've been through, or why Jess is being left in the situation she's in (because we've been told some not good things about her birth father - besides the fact that he wanted to sell her to us), but it's not in our hands.  We have to trust that the Lord never cheats anyone and continue to move forward.

And yes, I wish we'd broken the law and bought her from him and no, we won't be trying to adopt another child.  I just can't do this anymore.

There's so little in my life that has turned out the way I thought they would.

I guess Nathan will be an only child.

No one likes to read downer posts, so how about some funny Nathan stories, huh???
 In Nathan's world, all insects can be classified as either "ply" or "ladybug".  Several days ago he told me he ate a ladybug. I kept telling him that he didn't eat a ladybug, but he kept talking about it for a few days.  He insisted that he ate a ladybug and that it was "yucky".  He DOES have a vivid imagination - he told me there were elephants in our trees the other day.  Anyway - later in the week, I was standing in the kitchen while he was eating his yogurt for breakfast.  I watched him take a spoonful that had a nice, big blueberry in it.  He put it in his mouth and then started to fake gag and cough and, while pointing at his mouth, said, "ladybug!".   Ahh.... so THAT'S what it is.

He gets that from my side of the family.  My brother doesn't like any kind of cooked fruit and my sister would eat fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt, but only if it wasn't stirred and only down to where the fruit was.
Last Sunday Nathan came to me with great big tears streaming down his face.  I asked him what was wrong and he told me that the cars he was playing with weren't being nice to each other and he wanted me to put them on timeout.  Bless his sweet heart for completely not getting the "you're in charge" part of "imagination"!

I did have a little chat with the two offenders and we put them on "timeout" and Nathan made them say they were sorry to the other cars when he decided they were done with timeout.

He's such a sweet, sweet boy.

I guess I'm glad that timeout it the worst thing in his world now.  It's a good feeling.

And finally, I never thought I'd have to edit words on my blog, but here's a story that will need censoring so that my blog doesn't get blocked by filters. Not because it's inappropriate, mind you - it just uses one of "those" words.

I believe that nicknames are great for people and pets, but body parts should be called what they are.  No need to seem like you're ashamed of what God gave you, in my opinion.  That means my son knows that he has a pen*s and he knows that's what it is called.

He's fascinated with his anatomy.  Apparently, when you're two, the world is filled with pen*ses.  He sees them everywhere!  Like the other day, we were watching "Bambi" and the first time the baby deer stood up and tried to walk and you could see his little tail hanging down, Nathan announced that was the baby deer's pen*s.

Goodness, child...

But that's not the best one.

Nathan loves my hair.  He's always running his fingers through it.  He does that while he falls asleep and I think it's adorable.

I tend to pull my hair back in a ponytail a lot.  You guessed it... I picked him up the other day and he immediately reached around my head to start playing with my hair (which was in a ponytail) and he announced, "Mama's pen*s".

Sweet friend... dangling doesn't make something a pen*s!

Do they grow out of this phase??  Can't wait until he announces that one at church!!


Mrs.Spy said...

Hey Sis, I just wanted you to know I love you.

My25Cents said...

Oh, my sweet, sweet Lori. I am soooo feeling your anguish. I am well acquainted with the feelings that come with realizing that you will have an only child. I'm sure there are plenty of tough days, but your trust in the Lord is inspiring to me. Love you.

R AND R AND Z said...

Sorry to hear about Jess. My heat is breaking for you. We too call our body part by there givin name. So that is so funny and Z has used the correct name at the top of her lungs in a store LOL I love this girl. I hope you and your family are doing well.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

My heart hurts for you and for Jess. Sometimes things just suck...pure and simple.

I am so sorry that you believe that Nathan will be an only child. I have read about the amount of love your little family has in your hearts. I just cannot help but feel that things are not over yet.

It's is kind of like labor and childbirth. In the middle of it all you VOW that there will NEVER be another one!! But, with time and healing and the Holy Spirits begin again. You realize the entire journey is worth it.

I am so honor to have been able to have been on this journey with y'all and to have been able to join my prayers with each and every person who said your names.

Tree by the Sea Farms said...


I am so sorry to hear about Jess. My heart breaks for you guys. Thanks for posting it.


mlg said...

Lori, my heart has been breaking for you, I am sorry for the road you have had to travel with Jess. We are still praying for her and I have to agreee with "princess of everything" that it is not over yet you have too much to give. And on the other note boys never get over the fascination with that one particular body part!! Miss you guys!

David and Candice said...

Lori and Brent I am so sorry for all the Hard ache you guys have had,I have been praying for your family and I hope you guys are doing well. I know that we think sometimes that we are done with kids but someone elese has another plan. Oh yeah Boys love that part and they all ways will:)

Sally said...

I am so sorry for your sadness and disappointment, and for such exhausted patience. I hope in time you feel peace with it, whether that means getting her here against all odds, or knowing that she's being cared for somehow.
We love our peenie around here too. Peenies are endlessly diverting. Everyone loves it, even the girls, since it's the only one they've seen! Jack loves to use his to pee outside, like to water a bush for me. Troy really dislikes it when I let him do this, but he used to have "swordfights" with his brothers at campfires, to try to put them out or something, which is far more gross, so no room to complain, buddy!

Bambi and Adam said...

Hi Lori,
we are so sorry to hear about Miss Jess. My heart breaks knowing how much you love her & the wonderful family she is missing out on. God definitely used you both in a magnificent way to bless her life. Even if for a short time. Thanks for the Nathan stories. They always make me laugh :)

The Ridgeways said...

Lori I keep thinking about you and the ache that you must feel. I just want you to know you have been in my prayers and will continue to be. I love hearing about your sweet Nathan and I am so glad you have him. I always thought you and Brent would make amazing parents and you have. I don't think that this is all that the Lord has planned for you. I listen to my girls prayers that still bless Miss Jess to be safe and happy and it has been months since I have mentioned her to them. Sometimes we just have to have the simple faith of a child and remember that God answers prayers just not always the way we thought they would be.

Rachael said...

I think you're amazing Lori! Much love and support to you and Brent.

Graciegreen said...

Every once in a while I read your blog to see how you are doing with your little boy...I have two Haitian grandchildren. I just have to tell you something my daughter said after going thru several "fall throughs" and finally adopting two little girls. People ask her if they will adopt again and she says "Only if a baby is left on my porch in a basket!"

Pete and Mare said...

Dear Lori, my heart continues to break for you and your family. I am sorry that this journey with Jess has not turned out the way we all hoped and prayed that it would. We are still praying for Jess. Both you and Brent are such amazing people. I so agree with you that the Lord never cheats anyone so we will see what tomorrow brings. :0) Thank you for sharing your life stories so feely with us. You strengthen me and so many others in so many ways. Sweet little Nate just cracks me up! We love and miss you guys!

Perla said...

this is a hard one to reconcile. thank you for your example of faith. i love you guys.

Heidi Toth said...

I just sat here staring at this comment space with no idea how to start, so I won't attempt any sort of eloquence. I'm so sorry to hear about Jessica and the pain you and Brent endured trying to get her here. Listening to you two talk about her gave me a tiny inkling of how much you love her. Regardless, you're both wonderful people for doing what you've done and continue to do.

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