Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Preview

Dear Nathan,
Your sweet Auntie Chris realized that you'd probably be a little freaked out by the whole "costume extravaganza" coming up this weekend, so she had a family Halloween party last weekend for you to get used to people dressing funny in a safe surrounding.

You looked pretty sharp, if I do say so myself.  Daddy picked out your costume.

You hated Momma in a costume with the fires of 1000 suns.  I didn't wear it very long (or put the wig on very well) because you were very unhappy with the whole idea of Mama not looking like Mama.

You had fun with your cousins, though, and loved all the fun treats Chris had made.  And you loved playing on their staircase... particularly laying at the top and pretending you were Toothless the Dragon.

Although for some random reason you started yelling "We quit, Mr. One Man Show" (which is a line from Cars) at all the other kids.  I never did figure out what that must mean to you.

Thanks for a fun afternoon, Auntie Chris (and for the pictures I stole from your FB just now...)

I love sharing these new experiences with you, Nathan.
I love you,


JAEAEAJ said...

Love the costume miss Lori! Your little man is so cute!
Andrea C

David and Candice said...

I love both the costume's so fun and cute!!-Candice

Perla said...

sweet! andre was a swat guy too. i'm enjoying catching up on your posts. sorry i'm not taking the time to comment on all of them. but i do read and enjoy and love you guys even if i can't comment well on this little netbook.

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