Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's My Tow-un!

---Found this one in my drafts.  Never got it posted quite....  Should have been posted at the end of August--
It's been busy 'round here at Casa de Nathan.  A week ago we had Nathan's first birthday party - for his third birthday.  Papa grilled burgers and we had 40+ family members over for a little party.  
Our house isn't really designed to hold that many, but we do have a 3 car garage space, where Brent's treated the floor so it isn't "concrete-dusty".  Brent even installed some big fans in the garage to try to keep Nathan's guests cool.  Hopefully everyone had a good time. 

Nathan had a "fun-yata" as he kept calling the "pinata".  I think I like that name better, anyway!  I love to hear him say it's "his tow-un" ("turn") to do something

All Nate's cousins came.  Thank you everyone for supporting us!

Our camera batteries died, so I'm stealing some of these pictures from my sister-in-law's blog.

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Pete and Mare said...

You guys are such wonderful fun parents! It looks like Nathan and all his little friends had a blast celebrating together. :0)

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