Thursday, December 24, 2009

Welcome to the Family!

In all our craziness last week, I neglected to announce my beautiful niece is here. She looks a lot like her lovely mother and a bit like my awesome brother.

I got the news that Lilly Elizabeth was born about 36 hours after we got the news about Miss Jess leaving us. I turned my car right around and went right to the hospital. Who needs to be to work on time when you can have reminders like this sweet angel that life is good and God is great and families are forever??

Welcome to the family, Miss Lilly Elizabeth. We're so excited to have you with us!

Can you imagine the jet lag these brand new little ones have?? What is the deal with all this cold and light? THIS was not in the brochure...

Lilly Elizabeth and her mommy and daddy - Paige and Brian
Is it just me or does that look like curly red hair???
Congratulations to Brian and Paige. We're so thrilled for you. (You did good yet again, B! You seem to have very good taste in women! ;) )

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