Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hopalong Jess...

Here's another video to keep Jess on everyone's mind...

Thank you for your prayers. We still haven't had any further word but hope springs eternal.

Suzanne's girls loved this video. I posted it last Feb after our trip. Suzanne had just brought her girls HOME.... FINALLY

She said they loved watching it

I still get a kick out of watching her discover how this cool tube works. She's never had something like this. She's just experimenting with putting things in it and making her voice echo and shaking it all up...

And her sweet little "Didida" as she tries to say her name.

The "Ma-MM" at the end with that little face just cracks me up.

Oh, how we love this little girl!

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Perla said...

i just watched all of the videos again. i didn't need them to remember her, but i love watching them because she is just so dang adorable. i've been thinking about her constantly. yesterday grace's prayer for her and gardy was the most sincere prayer i've ever heard. she so solemnly said, "please let them get back to safety because, Jesus, its your birthday celebration, and all children should be safe and happy on Christmas." it about made me cry, but i felt power in that innocent prayer and peace that all will work out.

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