Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Think of You Whenever Life Gets Me Down...

These have been on the site before, but I thought I'd share them again in the interest of keeping thoughts and prayers in her direction. These are from our trip in Feb of 2009.

Playing Bongos on Papa's Bald Head:

Mama Turns to Goo:

I love the way she starts singing and clapping when she sees her Papa at the end of this one...

THIS is who Jess thinks of when she wonders where her Papa is.

Please keep praying that she'll be ours again soon


Bambi and Adam said...

Thanks for sharing ! There are some I hadn't seen. I love the video where Brent comes around the corner & she starts clapping & singing. Her little face just lights up.

Pete and Mare said...

The kids and I just love these clips of sweet Jessica. We keep playing them over and over again. ;) She makes us all laugh with joy! You all are in our thoughts and prayers. Hope you hear good new very soon. We love you guys! ~Mare (and family)

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