Monday, June 29, 2009

Super Nate and Ballerina Jess: Nature or Nurture?

Our friend made a superhero cape for Nate and a ballerina tutu for Jess. She said, "These are small and lightweight and maybe the kids will have fun playing with them." I have to admit, I was a bit concerned about what they'd think since they've not seen cartoons or ballerinas or anything like that, but we took them down anyway.

I'm happy to report that some things are apparently born into our DNA.

Nate thought the cape was cool and he toddled around in it quite happily.

He might be the cutest superhero I've ever seen... but I could also be biased!
Pretty soon he was wrapping his arm up in the cape and flipping it down, just like a pro. (I took it off of him before he got any ideas about jumping off something higher than the bed. :) )

When I put the tutu on Miss Jess, she just stood there for a bit, looking at me like I had weeds growing out of my nose. It was not like anything she'd ever seen before, that was for sure.
Then we went over to the mirror so she could see how pretty it was on her. She started to catch on.
First she had to get used to it. Here she's figuring out that she can pull the tulle pieces up and let them drop.

And this little pose? Not staged, not coached. She just walked over to the doorway and started posing.

And in this one, it was like she was trying to see if her hand lined up the way she wanted it.

So you tell me how Haitian orphans in an orphanage without TV can somehow know that you do stretches and poses in a tutu and that capes are for flipping and running.

Thanks, Marcie! They had a lot of fun with them!


Me said...

So adorable! And I don't think you're biased at all-Nate is the cutest superhero ever. Love hearing about your trip and seeing the pictures.

Bambi and Adam said...

That is too cute :) We were relieved to find that playtime with Vania needed no instruction or the right words ( English or Creole ).Just active participants and a little creativity. Looks like Nate and Jess got it down. Jess will have to instruct us on stretching before our next adventure in packing ourselves in the O van Haitian style:)

Jennifer said...

You may be biased but not about this...he is definitely the cutest superhero I've ever seen!

David and Candice said...

Those kids of yours are so sweet and cute!! love the cape and the tutu.-Candice

The Brown's said...

hahaha that was sweet!

Rachael said...

That's so cool. Love the tutu on Jess.

leadatortilla said...

There is definitely a little dancer and super-hero in all of us - isn't there?!

Perla said...

i'm having fun catching up. your children, as i already knew, are sooooo beautiful. and i love this post. andre continues to crack me up. he is surrounded by sisters and me all day long, yet by the time he could crawl he was interested in sports, by the time he could walk he was swinging around anything that could be considered a sword. how did he even know who spiderman or batman were when i'd never exposed him at all? he just knew...

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